Mascot: Fresh-Shelled Pecans, Handmade Candies & Snacks. A Step Above the Rest.

Since 1955, our story at Mascot has grown from a single roadside pecan candy store to a substantial producer of a variety of candies and snacks that ship nationwide. When you buy a Mascot product, you can know you’re buying a bit of history from a family-owned and operated small business that’s committed to providing you with high-quality, delicious snacks to enjoy all year round.

What sets Mascot apart from other snack companies you can buy at the grocery store? Read on for 4 reasons why we are the best choice when you’re looking for fresh pecans, nuts and other specialty candies.

Small Business, Three Generations Strong

Family has always been at the heart of our company. Mills and Juliet Tarver started the Mascot in 1955 hand-cracking and selling pecans to tourists passing through Glennville. With tradition still in mind, the Tarver Family continues to run things around here over 60 years later. Kenny and Tim Tarver, Mills’ sons, took over the family business in the 90s, and now their sons are getting in on the operations too! It’s important to us to keep the original nostalgic traditions alive while also following the innovations of the industry we’ve been in for the last six decades. We pay careful attention to each and every detail of our business so you get the best product possible.


High-Quality Ingredients, Undeniable Taste

We take pride in providing you with products that use only the best ingredients out there. You can’t have delicious pecan candies and snacks without every ingredient being the best at bringing out the buttery flavor of the nut. Each time we start the process of developing a new product, the quality of the ingredients is our top priority. Of course, we use the freshest pecans and nuts (that’s a given), but we also use high-quality chocolate, caramel and other flavorings which take our products to the next level and make them absolutely addictive!

Consistency in Every Bite

You know what they say, practice makes perfect! It’s no secret that we’ve been making candy for a long time so we’ve got our recipes dialed in and consistent. The main reason for that is our employees, who are like a part of our family. Some of our cooks have been with us for over 20 years (!) and know our recipes like the backs of their hands. You can guarantee whether you’re eating a Pecan Caramel Cluster or Cinnamon Glazed Pecan from today’s batch or next week’s, you’ll be getting the same undeniable “Mascot” taste in every bite!


Unmatched Customer Service

We would be nothing without YOU, our customers! We do everything in our power to make sure your experience with us is happy, helpful and leaves you completely satisfied. There’s nothing worse than getting an automated machine when trying to get in touch with a company. Our employees in our Customer Service Department are always available during business hours ready to help! We value forming relationships with you and getting your order perfect each and every time. If there’s ever a problem, we will fix it as quickly as possible. Call us today!

When you’re looking for something to snack on that is unique, a bit indulgent, and delicious, look no further than us. Since 1955, we’ve guaranteed quality and taste in every bite and have no plans to break that promise!

14 thoughts on “Mascot: Fresh-Shelled Pecans, Handmade Candies & Snacks. A Step Above the Rest.”

    1. Thanks, Marilyn. I love pecans.
      I wondered why Mascot sent me an email out of the blue.
      I discovered it was you who sent it.
      I’ll try them. Yum.

  1. Mascot Pecans are the best. I have ordered from you and from another person in multiple orders for many years. I have always been pleased with your company, and the ones I have taken orders from have always been pleased as well. Thank you for the business you have.

  2. I truly love and appreciate the Tarver family and the quality of the family owned business that they run. I’ve been trying to order chocolate covered pecans and can’t seem to be able to catch them when they will ship the chocolate covered pecans. Not their fault but mine. Can someone tell me when y’all ship them. Thank you Beth Frost Townsend Georgia.

    1. Hi Beth! Weather permitting, we typically begin shipping early November until early March. We will be sending out an email when they’re shipping again so keep a look out in the fall for that. If you live close to Glennville, and want to make the trip, you can grab some at our store locally year round. 🙂

  3. I have been ordering your wonderful pecan products for many years and have never been disappointed. Your products are consistently perfect and they do make lovely gifts.
    Here’s to your family’s continued success and to our future enjoyment!

  4. Always get these every year! Give the chocolate covered ones out at Christmas for gifts!
    Love this product. Of course, I put up about 6 bags in the freezer to use before I get another batch in November!

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