Mammoth Pecan Halves - (3) 16 oz Bags


If your taste buds are crying for pecans, Mascot’s fresh shelled mammoth pecan halves will surely satisfy. Our pecan halves are the highest quality you can get! Halves from the grocery store cannot compare to Mascot’s fresh taste. Our pecan halves are bright in color and have a crisp texture that will leave you wanting more. After we sort, shell, and clean the halves we package them in our 16oz Mascot bags for you to enjoy. Not only are our pecan halves delicious, but they’re also good for your health. Studies show that pecans are full of great antioxidants to keep your heart healthy. They’re the perfect nut to snack on throughout the day. When sealed properly, our pecans can be stored in the freezer for up to two years and still have that fresh Mascot taste. Available in three or five bag combinations. Purchase yours today! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Nancy Spann
Love these pecans

The pecans came quickly. They are my go-to pecans - wish they weren't so expensive though.

Donna Pikey

Delicious pecans!

Candy Miller

Fresh and as tasty as ever!!

Grace Armour
Great taste!!!!

My friend used to get your pecans for their sorority and I have used them for a long time. They are the best!!!

Carolyn and Lewis Lampley
Great Pecans!

Learned about these pecans from a friend and they are truly the best pecans I have ever tasted. Great Flavor!