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Medium Pecan Pieces - (3) 16 oz. Bags


When it comes to pecan pieces, Mascot's are the highest quality you can get! Pecan pieces from the grocery store cannot compare to Mascot’s fresh pecan pieces. Our medium pecan pieces are created by what is called "natural break". When the pecan shells are cracked, the process incidentally causes some of the pecan halves to break. We then package a combination of these “natural break” pieces and, when necessary, cut pieces in our 16 oz Mascot bags for you to enjoy. Guaranteed fresh, guaranteed delicious, our pecan pieces are the perfect nut to have on hand when baking or to toss on your favorite salad. When sealed properly, our pecan pieces can be stored in the freezer for up to two years and still have that fresh Mascot taste. Available in three or five bag combinations. Purchase yours today!