Dark Chocolate Red Mascot Tin - 12 oz. tin


Our Dark Chocolate Covered Pecans are decadent and simply delicious! You won’t be able to get enough. We lightly roast and salt our fresh-shelled mammoth pecan halves before smothering them in smooth dark chocolate. The slightly salty and sweet combo of these Dark Chocolate Covered Pecans is absolutely addictive. You’ll have a hard time putting this mouth watering pecan treat away. Even better, studies have shown that dark chocolate can improve your health and lower the risk of heart disease while pecans are one of the most heart healthy nuts around and filled with antioxidants! So go ahead and have a few extra of these Dark Chocolate Covered Pecans guilt-free!

If you’re looking for a great gift, Mascot Pecans (no matter the flavor) are sure to fit the bill. Anyone on your list would love to receive fresh pecans. We guarantee it! If you’re looking for a delicious, last minute gift, whether it be for the holidays or any other special occasion, Dark Chocolate Covered Pecans in our 12 oz. decorative tin will be a hit! They’re great for coworkers, family members or even the mail carrier. Bring Mascot pecans to your next holiday party and be the talk of the get together. Pecans are a universal way to show your appreciation for anyone in your life!

Since we do all of our roasting and candy making in small batches in our factory in Glennville, Georgia, you can know that each and every pecan from Roasted and Salted to Chocolate Covered is made with love and care by someone in our Mascot family. We take pride in using the best, most fresh pecans from local farmers in our candies and treats and strive for every bite from start to finish to be delicious. Our exclusive family recipes are made in small batches ensuring the highest quality and taste in every bag. 

Note: Chocolate products are available year-round for in-store purchases, however, we only ship our chocolate products between November 2 and March 31 due to heat conditions during shipping. These are tentative dates and subject to change. We require 5 consecutive days of 70 degree or cooler temperatures before we ship chocolate to ensure melting doesn't occur during transit and you get the freshest product possible.

Customer Reviews

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Wanda Floyd

Very good

vernon green
Dark Chocolate

Wife and I got some for Christmas-best we ever tasted- ordered some more from your Company-

Really good chocolate

Very fresh and meaty nuts with some really good milk chocolate. Hard to eat just 1


The wait is over .. I wait all year to get these chocolate covered pecans.. keep them , give them .. everyone loves them.

Carolyn S Sprunger

Your dark chocolate pecans are GREAT!! Some dark chocolate are too bitter, but these are wonderful.