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Glazed Pecans - 2 lbs


Our Glazed Pecans can only be described as heavenly. We take small batches of our freshly shelled mammoth pecan halves and coat them in-house in a scrumptious, sugary glaze. One taste of these glazed pecans and you'll be hooked. Our candy makers worked tirelessly to perfect this recipe for our Glazed Pecans, also known as candied pecans. Considering they’ve been a Mascot favorite for over 50 years, we think they nailed it! Glazed Pecans are perfect to sprinkle on top of a leafy green salad or simply to munch on as a midday sweet snack. Either way, you’ll simply fall in love with this simple yet delicious pecan candy treat!

Mascot Pecans are a great gift that anyone on your list would love to receive. We guarantee it! If you’re looking for a delicious, last minute gift, whether it be for the holidays or any other special occasion, Glazed Pecans in our 2 pound tub are sure to be a hit. They’re great for coworkers, family members or even the mail carrier. Bring Mascot pecans to your next holiday party and be the talk of the get together. Pecans as a gift are a universal way to show your appreciation for anyone in your life.

Since we do all of our roasting and candy making in small batches in our factory in Glennville, Georgia, you can know that each and every pecan from Roasted and Salted to Chocolate Covered is made with love and care by someone in our Mascot family. We take pride in using the best, most fresh pecans from local farmers in our candies and treat and strive for every bite from start to finish to be delicious. 

While Glazed Pecans are a great gift for anyone any time of year, don’t forget to buy some for yourself too! Store them in a cool, dry place or even in the freezer for longer lasting freshness to enjoy whenever your heart desires!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Marion Hammer

My order was a gift. Your pecans are awesome - your service and website, however, leave a lot to be desired

Alyce Szathmary

These are the best pecans I have ever tasted- I just received then a few days ago and they are almost gone. I cannot keep my hands out of the tub. I will be buying these again as well as trying some of their other products.

Susan Demichiel
Best ever

My husband enjoys these mammoth pecans soooo much. They are fresh, they are just the right amount of sweet ,and they are not over roasted..... just perfect

Gail Freshour

We had been given some of your glazed pecans during the holidays and they were very good. However, the ones I received in my order were all stuck together (I had to pound them apart) and was very hard to chew. They had obviously been sitting around a long time. Very disappointing.

Disappointed re-order

After gobbling down my first 2# of glazed pecans I could hardly wait for my next order of 4 - 2# tubs but when they came was very disappointed to find the nuts are stuck together so hard it takes a hammer to break them apart and I have to do it every time I open the container to eat some more. It almost seems like they weren't cooked quite long enough for the candy to harden more. They are giving me a discount on my next order so that helps some.